First things first…

I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m starting this blog as a sort of creative outlet and starting point for my new small business.  I’ve always enjoyed baking for special occasions, and the occasional not-so-special occasion, as a way to make people happy and eat something sweet.  In doing so, I’ve found a passion for exploring different taste combinations, textures and minimal but modern decorating.  One of the ways in which I like to manipulate recipes  is to try and make them gluten free.  A good friend of mine has Celiac and I would always try and take her “flourless” disease into consideration when making baked goods for a get-together. Through many a trial and error, I’ve found I have a knack for making gluten free seem not so gluten free, and so, I’d like to incorporate Celiac friendly baked goods into this baking endeavor.
So come along with me on this journey.  I promise there will be tasty treats, and pretty pictures, and all those other things that make you forget you still have to go to work tomorrow.



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