Newest Orders

Thanks to friends and family, I have had a couple new orders go out, and it seems that there is only one thing on people’s minds….DOUGHNUT CAKE.

If you’ve never heard of a doughnut cake, do not be alarmed, I made it up.  Yes, it’s an indulgence.  Yes, you feel like you have run a marathon after you eat it.  Yes, it’s ridiculous. But yes, it’s beyond worth it.  I love this cake.

The first cake I made was for my wonderful cousin, and baby cousin, so I made a baby cake.

doughnut cake1 doughnut cake5

It was SO.GOOD.

In fact so good, that one of my coworkers decided to order not one but TWO doughnut cakes for a girly get together she was having.

doughnut cake6

doughnut cake7doughnut cake8

Both turned out perfect, and I was happy to see that the “doughnut cake process” is getting easier every time I make it.

If you’re wondering what it looks like when you order something from Flour(less), here it is! I couldn’t help but add a pink touch with the striped washi tape, and call me old fashioned, but all baked good boxes should be tied up with string.

flourless packaging

Order something NOW from Flour(less)!



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