Happy St. Patrick’s Day….errr last weekend

I had another order go out this past week, and the theme was St. Patrick’s Day!  At first, I drew a blank as to what I was going to make….Shamrocks? Meh, not feeling it. Red headed leprechauns? NO, just…no.  Beer theme? These are for kids!!! SO, what else does that leave you? GOLD, and rainbows.  I really don’t think you can go too wrong with shiny, colorful, pretty things, so yeah, went with a pot o’ gold cookie theme.

First things first, had to make the pot, and I wanted to include a rainbow but had no idea how to do it.  In looking at my limited cookie cutter collection, I realized *shocker* I don’t own a pot o’ gold cookie cutter…so I improvised.  What you are looking at, is in fact, a pumpkin and ghost cutter combined, like magic.


But don’t worry, it got better!


I decided to add a little pop of shamrock on the pot, as the black was somewhat overwhelming.  I also decided to be super adorable, and add a matching cookies, which look like little gold coins.

stpatcookie8   stpatcookie6

The gold coins were painted with gold luster dust to give it more of a realistic gold shine.  I have to say, I was super impressed with the color.  Each bag of coins also included a lucky four leaf clover, just for fun.

Together the pot o’ gold and gold coins were quite charming…


And once they were packaged, they were on their way!

stpatcookie10 stpatcookie11

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  I hope it was filled with shiny, colorful, pretty things, just like these cookies.




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