Birthday Celebrations Galore!

This past week was full of birthday cakes and Batman.

First, a twist on a cake I’ve made many times before.  Light as air pistachio cake, with a mascarpone middle layer frosting and normally topped with blackberry buttercream, but this time topped with vanilla bean buttercream.  Check out the blackberry buttercream version here and order one for yourself!

chriscake2 chriscake1

A single birthday candle is included with all birthday cake orders!

A single birthday candle is included with all birthday cake orders!

Next up, was a SUPER fun order for a Batman themed birthday party.  Normally I would not jump on the idea of doing a kids themed birthday party (I’m a classy lady, who makes classy cakes!), BUT I couldn’t resist Batman and the kid client is pretty adorable too, so yeah, it happened.   Also, this was a huge order to come out of my ridiculously small kitchen and I have to say I learned a lot about efficiency in the kitchen, how I’m in desperate need of extra drying racks/space, and wondering why someone would build cabinet doors to open right at head level (I almost poked my eye out so many times).

And here are some pretty pictures!  Let’s start at the beginning…

batmancake1 batmancake2



I ended up making 68 of these babies, a mix of chocolate, vanilla and swirl with either chocolate or vanilla frosting (please note those piping bags you see were bigger than my face and neck, scary).





Each Batman symbol, “pow”, “zap”, “boom”, and “bam” was made with dried royal icing, and simply placed on the cupcake after frosting.  I really like this technique because you can make a lot of things looks really dressed up  in a short amount of time.  And I say “short amount of time” meaning, the transfers took me almost 2 nights to make…but the actual act of putting them on the cupcakes is quick and gratifying.

I used the same royal icing transfer technique to decorate the birthday boy’s adorably small individual cake (note the size of the cake, compared to my hand).

batmancake4 batmancake12


I loved doing the ombre effect for the background for the skyline, I think it made everything pop, just a bit more than a plain solid color would have.



Though the projects were laborious, the end result was worth all the late nights and early mornings.  I’m finding more and more that having this creative outlet, though tiring, is beyond rewarding, and I’m so lucky that people are willing to support my baking madness.



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