Snickerdoodles and Shortbread and Little Red Hens, Oh My!

I love cookies.  Why? Because you can eat a lot of them, and say to yourself that you’re just having one more.  Whereas cake, you just feel guilty going for slice #3.  Cookies can have all sorts of textures and flavors combined in one little bite, which makes for a party in your mouth.

My newest order went to a wonderful coworker who’s son was participating in “The Little Red Hen” play.  He was a piggy.  So, to celebrate this occasion, I decided to do an assortment of different cookies, as well as some super cute sugar cookies decorated as farm animals (to go along with the whole farm/Little Red Hen theme).

I tried to get different flavors, textures and appearances of cookies when thinking about my mix.  The final verdict was: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies, M&M Cookies *my favorite*, Cranberry Shortbread, Caramel Filled Snickerdoodles and Mini Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers.

Cookies Before
Cookies Before
Mmmmm...Cookies After
Mmmmm…Cookies After
Mini Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers Before
Mini Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers Before
Almost too-cute-to-eat After
Almost too-cute-to-eat After

Some close ups:


Although these cookies were beyond yummy, the best part of the bunch had to be the decorated sugar cookies.


cookies13          cookies12

It’s hard to pick a favorite from this bunch, but I have to say my favorite overall feature has to be their beady little eyes.

In the end, cookies were had by all, and my coworker’s little “piggy” son enjoyed a piggy cookie.  Awesome.




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