Babies, Babies Everywhere!

It seems like everyone is having babies right now, or maybe I’m just noticing for the first time?  I mean, I understand it’s what happens in life, but it’s also strange to be surrounded by so much baby-ness at work.  NOT saying it’s a bad thing, just takes some getting used to.  Good thing I LOVE the lovely ladies that are preggers at my job!

To celebrate these ladies having babies, my work put together a baby shower, and I decided to make some themed cookies.  Honestly, not too into the whole cutesy baby theme, but I went along with it, and put my own twist on things.

Here’s where we start. Squares. Super baby-y.


Don’t worry, they got cuter as time went on.


Baby building blocks!  I also decided to include some smaller, matching cookies.  Each colored cookie corresponds to a certain patter, which was carried over to the smaller cookies.

babyshowercollage4    babyshowercollage5
babyshowercollage8    babyshowercollage9

babyshowercollage6    babyshowercollage7

babyshowercollage2    babyshowercollage3

I had a lot of fun making these cookies, but I also wanted to include something for non-sugar cookie lovers, so I decided to throw in a batch of my Miniature Salted Chocolate Cookies


The baby shower was a blast and the cookies were a hit.  So happy I was able to help celebrate these ladies at work.



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