Birthday Cake Cookies

A co-worker of mine wanted to celebrate her birthday with cookies!  She asked if I would like to make a batch, and I of course said yes.  The thing was…what do you make for a birthday themed birthday?  There’s not really a general birthday theme besides maybe balloons, confetti, bright colors, etc., but I didn’t want to play into all of that. So instead of making birthday cookies, I made birthday cake OUT OF COOKIES.

You read that correctly, birthday cake cookies.

Here’s where we started, a “rainbow” of whites, creams, browns and muted colors.


Then we start with the outlining, and no, I’m not making little houses or brown flowers.  Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in a minute.


Ta-da! Birthday cake cookies!


I wasn’t sure if people preferred vanilla or chocolate cake so I decided to make both, and to go with the cake theme, candles were completely necessary.

Those houses you saw before turned into slices of cake, and the brown flowers turned into top views of cake, complete with yellow sanding sugar candle flames.

cakecookies5 cakecookies4



I also threw in a surprise cookie for the birthday lady.  Her black cat named Mel made an appearance in cookie form, see if you can spot him.





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