June Birthdays Galore

Apparently, June is the “it” month to be born in.

FIVE birthdays in TWO weeks is quite a lot.

But of course more birthdays mean more birthday cakes, and that, along with celebrating amazing people, makes me happy.

First up was a cake for one of my best friends.  Every year I’ve tried to make her a weird/crazy/cute cake, and each year I’ve managed to top myself.  This year I decided to not make a cake but cupcakes.  My friends and I seem to always go out for a stereotypically girlish sushi dinner. So, for this friend’s birthday, I decided to make her sushi cupcakes…but not using fish, because that would be gross.

Here’s where we start, wrapping the nori seaweed around the mini cupcakes (I used a textured black paper and hot glue to put everything together). I baked some of the cake in a loaf pan to create nigiri sushi (which isn’t wrapped in nori), and then cut into small rectangles to create the rice block.

Nori Wrapping

I added rice to the cake by slathering on some vanilla bean buttercream and dunking the cakes into white jimmy sprinkles. The blank and un-sprinkled spaces you see are space for the sushi toppers I made the night before.

Sushi Cupcakes

Here are the final cupcakes!



See if you can spot all your favorites: spicy tuna, futomaki, umeboshi, ikura , maguro, ebi nigiri, tamago.


Second up for birthday cake was my boyfriend. When I asked what he wanted me to make, his response of “whatever” made me feel like doing something sneaky.  And sneaky I was.  I flat out told him I was making a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting (both true statements), however, I did not mention that I would be putting letters and confetti sprinkles in the cake.  I saw this idea on A Subtle Revelry via Pinterest, and thought it would be fun.

I modified A Subtle Revelry’s technique by making a letter “rope” instead of cutting out letters for two reasons; one, I don’t have letter cookie/fondant cutters and didn’t feel like buying them and, two, I wanted to make sure that with every cut of the cake, you would be able to see the word.


Though my rope technique required a little 3-D thinking and may have taken a bit more time, it totally worked out for the best.

yaycake2     yaycake3


Needless to say, when I presented the boyfriend with his plain vanilla cake, all he could do was laugh and say “Yay”.



2 thoughts on “June Birthdays Galore

  1. Yay birthday cakes! I loved both of them! However, I think January is the “it” month. Two of the coolest people I know were born then ;)

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