1 (make that 4!) Big Orders

Orders seem to all come at once.

When it rains it pours, and in my case when it rains it pours copious amounts of dirty dishes into my sink….but they’re fun baking dishes, so it’s ok.

First order up was golf themed cake…for a 10 year old.  Can I just say it’s amazing that a 10 year old wanted a cake themed by what I always assume is an older businessman’s sport.  To make the cake a bit more age appropriate, I did what any baker would do, add sprinkles.

Try and figure out what the birthday boy's name is!

Try and figure out what the birthday boy’s name is!



Decided to add a bouncing ball on the side of the cake

Oh, and did I mention the matching cupcakes?!




Moving on to the next order, I was given the task of a back to school theme cupcakes, and I went completely traditional.  Well…kind of.  I decided to make pencil and paper (with an A+ grade, of course) cupcake toppers for the chocolate cupcakes, but for the vanilla I decided to make whole apples, or at least the illusion of whole apples.



* bite *

* bite *

Going back to school is totally worth a celebration, and so is an Anniversary.  For this order the client asked that I use the couple’s initials to decorate the cake, and I love me some monogram.  The client also wanted cookies with the order, which included inside joke sayings from/about the couple…..the sayings were interesting.



Blank cookies

Blank Cookies



Everything all together

Everything all together

While I was working on this anniversary order, I had another cookie order at the same time.  This was a very simple but sweet and fun design. Hearts, muted colors, and polka dots.  If you can’t tell by now from seeing pictures of my stuff, I like polka dots.  More like, love them….a lot….too much.

assorted cookies



assorted cookies2

I have a polka dot problem.

– Alexis


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