Congratulations All Around

What do a work party, a birthday, and a baby shower have in common?


When people order cupcakes for a birthday, I like to jazz them up a bit even if there isn’t technically a theme.  I’ve shown you my basic party cupcakes before…

cupcakes6and I recently got a cake order for a “congratulatory work party”, so I decided to go with the same kind of general fun theme.

Pre Words

Pre Words – polka dots galore


Next, I decided to do a similar theme for a friend’s birthday, but with a twist.




At the party the cake made a tightrope walking friend, and thus the cake was called the tightrope cake.


Normally if someone gave me no theme to work with I would go all out polka dot for a baby shower, luckily this client gave me a theme to work from.  From looking at the below picture, I decided to make a cake and matching cupcakes.

tweet shower

All of the designs on the cake were made with buttercream. Yes, I believe things look much cleaner/neater/prettier/perfecter when you use fondant, but honestly I’m not a big fan of it.  I just don’t love the chemically marshmallow taste.


tweet2    tweet3    tweet10

The matching cupcakes: cupcake toppers were made with royal icing and simply placed on a frosted cupcake.




Everything all together!


Riley Anne is definitely one spoiled little girl, and she’s not even born yet!

– Alexis


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