Halloween was yesterday

…or at least it seems like it was.

I figured I’d post my latest Halloween creations since they were made almost a month ago.  Seriously, how the frick is it already the end-ish of November.

I had two Halloween orders; one was a general holiday theme cupcake order and the second was a small cookie order.

First up, the cupcakes.


Normally my basic party cupcakes are all sorts of colors and drowned in sprinkles.  My Halloween cupcakes were no different, besides the limited color palette.

halloweencupcakes5         halloweencupcakes4  halloweencupcakes2        halloweencupcakes3halloweencupcakes8

The cookie order was complete with ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, and scary spiders, but with all the extra dough I decided to make my friends and I “BOO” cookies.  Also, for the first time ever I made chocolate sugar roll out cookies, which were way easier than I thought they would be.


I couldn’t tell you which one was my favorite, because they’re all super cute and tasty.

I feel like the “BOO” cookies were something in my head where I was thinking how can you use up the extra dough and how this was a really cute idea, but then when you actually start working on it you realize how much work this is going to be and then immediately regret your decision but you have to finish it because you started and you know the final result is going to be great even if that means you don’t get any sleep.

halloweencookies1       halloweencookies5



In the end they turned out BOOtiful.  AHHAHhaha  ha   ha       ha…..hmmmmm, that was horrible.

– Alexis


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