With Christmas comes baking, then eating, then feeling sick and guilty and then eating more.

I was actually quite surprised by my lack of orders for Christmas time.  NOT that I’m complaining, as it allowed me to focus on things I really wanted to make for my family and friends.  So basically, all my holiday baking stress was put on by myself.  Good job Alexis.

The first Christmas order I had for a Client was an order of decorated Christmas cookies.  They had chosen a 12 color custom color scheme taken from the Client’s newest line of handmade bags. Because of the number of different colors used, I decided to focus more on that and keep the designs somewhat simple.  Well…simple enough, while still adding some dots and sparkle.  The basic Idea was have three different types of cookies (trees, presents, snowflakes) and then use complementary colors for each type, and create three different designs using the same color combinations.  Confused? Believe me, I was too. In fact I had to make myself a “map” to complete these cookies.

Let’s start with the Christmas trees, and the three different designs:


And then separated by the different color combinations:

Recently Updated11 Recently Updated12

Next we have the snowflakes, with the three different designs:

Recently Updated16

And then separated by color combinations:

Recently Updated17 Recently Updated18

And lastly we have the presents, with the three different designs:

Recently Updated13

And again, separated by color combinations:

Recently Updated14 Recently Updated15

I absolutely LOVED the colors they chose, and can’t wait to see the new line!  Check out her store Peasants and Travelers and see all the wonderful bags for yourself.

Next Client order was for a set of decorated cookies (my choice of design), and then an order of Christmas cupcakes.  Now I know in the past you’ve seen me post super fun and custom cakes, but I’ve had to take a break from that.  I am no longer making custom order cakes, but I’ll still be making things fun and festive in a more simple way.  Case and point, my Christmas cupcakes.

 christmas2   christmas4

 christmas1   christmas3


I would say they’re still festive and fun, but much simpler.  I’m very happy with how they turned out, and I think making a simpler “custom” design will allow me to focus more on taste and quality while still creating something appealing to the eye.

I will still most definitely be making custom decorated cookies, because they are just way too much fun to give up.  For this Client, they gave me free reign to do what I wanted.  After watching SweetAmbs make her snow globe cookies I decided to both recreate her cookie, and add my own designs.



I am always in awe of SweetAmbs, her cookies are beyond amazing and she has been a huge inspiration for my cookie decorating.

In my next post I’ll show you what yummy cookies and cupcakes I made for my friends and family!

– Alexis


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