Custom Cakes NO MORE

I made an important decision a little while back to no longer make custom cakes so that I could focus more on the quality of the product I was putting out.

That being said, here are some pictures of my last custom cakes!

First up is a disco rainbow heart cake!  Lots of questions, I’m sure…let’s just look at the pictures.

discocake2discocake3  discocake4    discocake5

Okay, so this was a good lesson in decorating.  Disco balls are hard to make, like impossible.  What ended up happening was the client replaced my very sad looking painted golf ball chocolate mold disco balls with actual mini disco balls.  It looked a million times better but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.

Next we have casino themed cakes, for a casino themed birthday party.

casinocakes3 casinocakes2

casinocakes5 casinocakes4

Now let me just say, these took a long time.  I made all the top decorations with royal icing, and for some reason it did not harden at all….after sitting out for 3 days.  Let’s just say I was mildly annoyed / frustrated beyond belief.  I didn’t really have any other options then to cut around the wax paper and say, don’t eat the top decorations because they’re still attached to wax paper.  Plus after hand painting all the cards the Queen face card decided to smear and run together.  So I left the house with the cake looking like the picture above, and then got to the client’s house with a puddle in my hands. NOT. GOOD.

The last custom order I made were Chanel cupcakes.  This was done completely in buttercream (which is always a nice change to royal icing).


chanelcupcakes2 chanelcupcakes1

Did I mention that all of these orders were due on the same day? And that I work 50hrs a week at my day job? And that my kitchen is the size of a matchbox?  Oh and I also had a dozen decorated cookies due two days before?

Needless to say this was my breaking point, and the time I realized I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do, while still maintaining the level of quality that I wanted for my products.

So now my cakes look like this:


and this:

and cupcakes look like this:


and I’m ok with that…

– Alexis


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