Baby Parties

Babies have parties, even before they are born, and I make cakes for them.

A couple weeks ago I had a couple baby shower parties ask for my baking assistance.  Which is just a fancy way of saying people ordered stuff.  Baby stuff.  The first client had given me an invitation to work off of.  There was a dark grey/light grey/dark blue/yellow color scheme with a chevron pattern.  I’d say it translated well to cookies and mini cakes.

babyshower4 babyshower6

babyshower8    babyshower7babyshower1 babyshower2

Next client ordered a Doughnut Cake and wanted it to be blue for the baby shower.  Even though I don’t do custom cakes anymore…I can do blue.  Let’s look at the evolution of the cake.

doughnutcake1 doughnutcake2 doughnutcake3 doughnutcake4So that was it for the baby shower orders.  Will be posting about Valentine’s Day shortly!

– Alexis


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