Custom Cookie Catch-Up

Lot’s of cookie orders meant a much needed break.

February and March were BUSY.  First there was a super cute Hello Kitty order.  Hello Kitty is one of my favorite characters, but honestly, I was a little scared to make her in cookie form.  Characters in general are difficult because they’re recognizable and people can tell when something is off, and let’s just say Hello Kitty’s head proportions are way unusual…eyes in line with nose and no mouth and the biggest head ever!!?!?


BUT as you can see everything turned out nicely.  Whenever I have a cookie order I always like to include a variety of shapes/colors/textures in the mix, and so this Hello Kitty order I wanted to include her bow, her face, a couple full size kitties, and add some sparkle where I could.

hellokitty3 hellokitty2 hellokitty8 hellokitty4


One cookie in each set had a little sparkle to it, which I think adds a little extra something.

Next a Client ordered a baseball themed cookie basket.  Now I’ve never made a cookie basket before, and let me say I was so nervous about it.  Baking sticks in cookies + basket stuff + wrapping everything in cellophane = STRESS.  The final product was lovely though, and like the Hello Kitty cookies, I like to add a variety of textures/shapes/sizes to this mix.


Here’s where we started


And here’s where we ended up.

This was the largest and main attraction cookie of the basket, so a lot of planning went into it. The entire basket theme was the Orinda Baseball Association, complete with their four league logos.

baseball12  baseball11 baseball4  baseball3

To round out the basket smaller general baseball cookies were added.  The entire basket was wrapped up and auctioned off at the OBA fund raiser event.

baseball6 baseball5


baseball16The last, and breaking point, order was a designer themed birthday cake and cookies.  For this order, I decided to keep the cake simple, in the sense that I used royal icing transfers to decorate, and then had a simple white icing, but also wanted to match the cookies.  The cookies I wanted to make fancy but not too involved, and also wanted to convey both the written out name and the logo of each designer.  So yeah, this was a tough one to work out in my head, but royal icing transfers really did save the day.  By making all the logos ahead of time, it meant that not only was I able to decorate the cake in a jiff, but the basic cookies came together quickly while still looking super involved.  Are you lost? Let’s just look at some pictures.  Starting with the cookies…


designer24  designer22

designer20  designer21designer19  designer18

designer10designer6 Pictures6

Like I said before, I wanted to get fancy with this order as well.  So I included six cookies with the written out designer name and reflecting the designers style.

designer1 designer13

designer14 designer12 designer15 designer17 designer16 designer11

These took FOR-EV-ER, but they were so worth it.  I decided to use a technique that I had never done before called stenciling.  Basically, you’re using a stencil, in this case I used a packing tape covered 3×5 card and used an exacto knife to cut out designer names in this card, and then you place your stencil over the card and using a stiffer consistency royal icing smear this over the stencil and then lift! Easy enough, right?! Well, the Yves Saint Laurent stencil took me an hour to cut out….so, kinda?

Overall this order turned out great, but afterwards I decided on a much needed break from baking.  I’ve taken almost a month off now and it’s been glorious.  Not that I haven’t been baking.  I actually snuck these into my company’s St. Patrick’s Day bake-off and won.


You can see how the painting gold on the left really makes everything pop.

stpatty2 stpatty3

But besides that one instance, the non-baking has been going very well and my kitchen has never been cleaner.

– Alexis


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