Easter Baskets!

Easter is all about the sweets.

To me, Easter means candy and finding candy in eggs, and then putting those eggs in baskets, which have more candy in them, and then chocolate bunnies and eggs and EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE.  It’s a good holiday.

This year a coworker and myself decided to collaborate and make Easter baskets for those who wanted to order them.  I provided the cookies, and she provided the immaculate eggs.  Seriously, these things are works of art.

eggs1 eggs3We offered pretty basic cookies in our baskets, rabbits, flowers, eggs, and a name cookie.


I always like to look at how the cookies start out.  It’s funny, I always think the cookies aren’t going to turn out in the beginning and then it all works out in the end.

eastercookies8  eastercookies10 eastercookies9 eastercookies11eastercookies7And here were the finished baskets! eastercookies14

Besides the baskets, I also had a “name card” cookie order.  Here I wanted to make something basic enough so that the name could stand out, but also have enough Easter in them.  Bunnies and eggs are usually a good choice.

To begin with they really don’t look like too much…but it all made sense in the end.


eastercookies4 eastercookies5


– Alexis



One thought on “Easter Baskets!

  1. WOW! Your cookies are so amazing! The bunnies are so cute and I love the design on the eggs. Tell your co-worker that her eggs are absolutely gorgeous. :D

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