More Cookies

Cookies on top of cookies on top of cookies

There have been a lot of cookie orders lately.  Though cookie decorating was never something I had considered doing when I started this business, it has definitely become my most popular order.  And who can blame anyone, when these cookies are both pretty and tasty.

First order was more Hello Kitty!  This time around I had bought a proper Hello Kitty cookie cutter, which made things slightly easier, but also made it so that I was unable to control the size of the cookie.  Even though these were significantly smaller than my last batch of kitties, they still turned out great.


Second order was for a dear friend.  I decided to make her favorite things in cookie form, which include her black cat, wine, Seattle, well cooked bacon, and her farm.


This was my first time ever painting cookies, and it was really fun!  I found that it (obviously) resulted in a much different style/aesthetic.  Good to keep in mind that even though it’s the same medium of royal icing and cookie, that there is so much you can do with it!

debbycookies7 debbycookies2 debbycookies3 debbycookies6debbycookies5 debbycookies4

I really loved this technique, and I’m excited to use it for future baking projects!

– Alexis


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