When It Rains It Pours…Baby Showers

Did you know there is a new kind of baby shower called a sprinkle?  Because I sure didn’t.

But it’s definitely something I learned from this last order.  Apparently a sprinkle is a party for someone that has already had a baby and this is their second time around.  So instead of being showered with baby gifts, now they are just being sprinkled with things other than the baby necessities?  I’m still slightly hazy on the meaning, but in any case, this first order was for a baby sprinkle and included, you guessed it, a lot of edible sprinkles!

The organizer had a light coral, dark blue, and dark green color scheme going on and I absolutely fell in love with it.  The order itself was somewhat discombobulated having a doughnut cake, strawberry cookies, mini doughnuts, and baby block cookies, but everything was brought together by the color scheme and coordinated sprinkles.

sprinkle3Doughnut cake, complete with a doughnutty middle layer mmmmmm


Then the mini doughnuts to match said doughnut cake, however they are slightly different.  The doughnuts for the cake were typical fried doughnuts, but the minis to match were baked vanilla bean doughnuts.

Sprinkle1 sprinkle12

Then the strawberry cookies, decorated to look like chocolate covered strawberries.

sprinkle11sprinkle5And finally the baby block cookies, featuring a monogram H.

sprinkle16 sprinkle18 sprinkle4sprinkle8

For the next baby order, we had a traditional baby shower with a not-so-traditional theme, farm/cowboy for a baby girl with a cake to match the parent’s ideas for a name.

The order also included a bunch of yummy non-decorated cookies; browned butter walnut chocolate chip, mint chocolate, M&M.

cookies3 cookies2 cookies1All wrapped up and ready to go


Then we had the decorated cookies, complete with the personalized parent cookies.

cowboycookies3 cowboycookies1 cowboycookies2 cowboycookies4

and everything all together


And then we had the cake, which was interesting because it was my pink chai cake with light blue frosting, creating confusion with the babies gender and then the parents are trying to decide on a name, so asked me to reflect that in the cake adding even more confusion!  But it’s a tasty cake, and that’s all that matters.

chaicake1 chaicake3 chaicake5 chaicake6

And to top it off, why not add another order in here, a simple but extremely yummy peanut butter and chocolate pie.

pie1 pie2

And now from posting this I’m craving a doughnut and chai cake….and pie……….

– Alexis


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