June Birthday Madness AGAIN

I always seem to forget how crazy Junes are.

Last year I remember making a lot of cakes and cookies and everything, but this year it completely blindsided me. Let’s try and make three cakes and a cookie order in 4 days, WHAT WAS I THINKING.  Well, I was thinking these are some of my favorite and I want to make them awesome yummy things.

First up was my boyfriend’s birthday cake.  Over the past couple of months we decided to watch the entire series of Breaking Bad together and became obsessed.  So, I decided a Breaking Bad themed cake was only appropriate for the occasion, complete with the theme music playing while we ate it.  For those of you who have never watched the show, this is going to be a really confusing sight…


For those of you who HAVE watched the show, you’ll recognized both the unfortunate looking plane/pool bear with it’s crazy eye and the bag of “meth” (it’s blue candy, cool your jets).

bbbear bbcake2

And of course, the inside had to be a blue swirl.


Next was cake for a best friend’s birthday.  Each year I’ve tried to top myself with her cakes, and this year I decided to try a tiered cake.  Though the design turned out simpler than I had planned (due to timing), I really loved the overall look and taste of this cake.


I tried to re-create a kind of nature theme with “dirt”, “sand”, and “grass”, all topped with a peachy pink rose. I used crushed oreos for the dirt effect and crushed graham crackers for both the sand and grass layers, the grass was simply dyed with green food coloring.  AND the best part of this cake, the inside, was a surprise s’mores cake, complete with chocolate cake, graham cracker crumble, and toasted marshmallow frosting!


Top View


Cake Middle

Next I had a birthday order for a very loyal client.  Her son was having a football themed 8th birthday, and guess who just happened to have bought football sprinkles!  I was seriously shocked at how great my random sprinkle purchase worked out.  She ordered a chocolate cake and football themed cookies.


LOOK AT THOSE SPRINKLES (little footballs and helmets)

footballcookies10 footballcookies1 footballcookies7


And lastly, I had a simple basketball cookie order for a new client.  Her son was having a basket ball themed birthday.


I was having a hard time trying to decide what icing/decorating technique I was going to use for the basketball texture.  I ultimately decided on good old dots, hundreds and hundreds of dots, but I also realized that I really enjoy the look of a monochrome cookie.  And because of that, I think in the future you’ll see some all-one-color cookie design experiments coming out of my crazy kitchen, of course once I get the time to play around…

SO here is a close up of ALL THE DOTS

basketballcookies1 basketballcookies3

Birthdays are always fun, and cookies/cake make them that much more special.

– Alexis


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