Custom Cookies Galore

About a month ago I had a couple of custom cookie orders come in.  And not just custom like, a name, but custom in the sense that one order included the mix of bicycles, wine glasses, and legal scales OH MY!

On that note, why don’t we get right into that jumble of an order.  This was for a person who worked in the Legal and Compliance department of my job (legal scales), someone was a well know wine connoisseur (wine glasses), and who was about to take a trip to Amsterdam to participate in a bike race (bicycles).  So really, it all makes sense…kind of.

Everything all together!

Everything all together!

dscookies2 dscookies3 dscookies4It’s hard to tell, but the champagne actually had a little sparkle to it, and was probably my favorite cookie of the bunch.

Next up was a custom country club order for a golf tournament/fund raiser.  I used a number of different techniques to complete this order, which made it both challenging and super fun to experiment with.

The set, all together.

The set, all together.

The “CCC” cookies, I was able to use the stencil technique, which made the Cs very consistent and I loved the overall crisp look.

golfcookies9The same technique was used for the tree cookies, but a double stencil was used.

golfcookies7The golf balls used a standard “wet on wet” technique where different color icings are piped directly onto each other.  I loved how easy this was and how effective this technique worked to create a golf ball.

golfcookies11And lastly we have the golf green cookies.  These were by far the most fun, and most experimental of the bunch.  I had seen this technique of dying graham crackers green on Semi Sweet and absolutely fell in love with it.

golfcookies1 golfcookies3I also used some golden sanding sugar for the sand.  I loved the overall look and can’t wait to use the technique again!

Absolutely love doing these random mixes of cookies.  Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming wedding bunches!


– Alexis


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