Two Weddings, a Baseball Game and a Beehive

Weddings are hard.

 I always knew that making a wedding cake would be difficult but never really understood why they cost so much…until I was asked to make cookies for two weddings.  Both weddings had great designs which I loved creating but I really didn’t realize how long everything would take and the amount of sleep I would get, or lack of sleep I should say.  In the end, it was obviously all worth it and seeing the brides faces when I showed them the cookies made the all nighters worthwhile.

Let’s look at the first wedding order of 100 “double happiness” cookies.  Never before have I seen a larger sea of red!


Then for the actual double happiness symbol, the bride decided on gold, which was both very traditional and super fun.  Each cookie was decorated using a stencil method of transfer so the design could be somewhat consistent and then hand painted gold with luster dust.

IMG_3121 IMG_3120

The second wedding order went a very different route.  Much more muted color palette,  more personalized, a bit more modern but of course still a little bling-y.


The bride pretty much gave me free range in terms of design, but wanted the color scheme to match that of the wedding.  So I kept the lovely purples and pinks, and added a bit of silver and gold.

One down, 159 to go

One down, 159 to go

IMG_3184 IMG_3189 IMG_3190

As the title suggests, besides these two wedding orders I also had a baseball themed order for a birthday. Baseball cookies and red/white/blue cupcakes.  Though this was a fairly simple order, I totally stressed myself out because of the baseball cookies.  Should I make them somewhat roughed up and dirty or keep them perfectly white??!??!?! I ultimately decided to add a little roughness to them, which I think was a good choice.


The cupcakes were easy but adorable.  The best kind of combo.

IMG_3162 IMG_3167IMG_3168 IMG_3166

And finally, the last order I had was a personal one for my best friend who was moving away from San Francisco * crying silently *.


IMG_3205 IMG_3209

My theme, if you can call it that, was Everything Will Bee Okay.  Get it….GET IT?!??!

– Alexis


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